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Solid Air: Listen & Lyrics

Local Color (from Local Color CD, 2005)

(Solid Air)
© 2004 Allegra Broughton

Grapes are covering the grassland
Buying up old family farms
They’re selling out, who can blame them
Wine’s a cash crop, growing strong.

And in the fields of Penngrove Valley
Buildings sprout up like new-sown seeds
Now they call it Telecom Central
‘Cause this is what consumers need.

I am the hand that rocks the cradle
I am the voice that sings this song
I am the one called local color
Salt of the earth, but not for long
Take a look, ‘cause I’ll be gone.

Gamblers in this brand new Gold Rush
Are movin’ in by truck and car
Tripling the cost of living
If this is progress, we ain’t got far.

And what about all the wildlife
From this land once open and free?
Well, they’ve got pictures in the museum
Of local color that used to be.