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Solid Air: Listen & Lyrics

Say Now (from Beautiful World CD, 2017)

(Solid Air)
May 26, 2017
Allegra Broughton & Sam Page ©2017

SAY NOW - Allegra Broughton & Sam Page ©2017


Say now Whatever happened to kindness

How’d we end up in this big mess Why is everybody so hard?

It looks like everyone has their fists up

No more kissing to make up and start over again


Hup four, three and two

It’s monkey see and monkey do

Close your ears and stop your mind

Step in lockstep, fall in line


Say now Whatever happened to reason

You know it’s not treason to compromise

How ‘bout we meet halfway

Hear what each other has to say Try to work it out


Liar, liar pants on fire

Hang it all out on the telephone wire

We’re stuck in the schoolyard counting’ coup

If you rat on me, I’ll rat on you


Say now Whatever happened to patience

I think Homosapiens has blown a fuse

Can you remember a sweeter time

When you kick back and unwind and let the river roll by



Two, four, six and eight who should we annihilate?

You don’t like me and I don’t like you Poison, bombs or just voodoo?


Say now Whatever happened to love, I’ve

Got a feeling that right now, it’s the thing to do

You can’t find a better solution

To war and pollution and loneliness, too.


Say now  Say now  Say-hey-hey  Say now

Say now  Say hey hey now Say now, watchya gonna do