"Local Color" review by J.M. Berry

CD Review 3/15/07 in Sonoma Sun: “Local Color” from Solid Air. Sam Page and Allegra Broughton have been doing their act for over 10 years, regularly appearing at Murphy’s. Although the CD was released in 2004, it just made its way into my hands and I’ve had trouble keeping it out of my CD player. The 12-tune disc is mostly original music with a couple classy covers. I guess I would have to put them in the folk rock genre but there’s more to the tunes than that. Allegra’s voice is very versatile, giving me a Linda Ronstadt feel but she also has a Bonnie Raitt and even a Nina Gerber thing goin’. The vocal harmonies are nice and the musicians they lined up for this disc show just how much they’ve been around the scene. Norton Buffalo, Kendrick Freeman, John Salz and even the late Vince Welnick to name a few. The CD is available on iTunes. Reviewer J. M. Berry is host of 91.3 KSVY Sonoma radio’s Sonoma Valley Music Scene heard Thursday nights from 8-10. He can be reached at jmberry@ksvy.org

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